Between 2014 and 2023, EVERY LAST SATURDAY BETWEEN SEPTEMBER AND MAY-presented by the Lane Literary Guild and the River Road Park District, and hosted by Joan Dobbie and, most recently, Erica Goss, authors, poets, and sometimes musicians shared their original work at the River Road Annex. Our very last reading, closing out the River Road Reading Series for now, occured on May 27, 2023. Erica and Joan,along with Wendy Beck are now co-hosting the WINDFALL reading Series through the Eugene Public Library and the Lane Literary Guild.

AND If you ever presented as part of the either the River Road Reading Series (RRRS) or its predicessor, the Lane Writers Reading Series (LWRS) the following invitation is for YOU!

Dear former RRRS Reader,

As new Lane (Emerald) Literary Guild officers, Erica Goss, Amanda Powell, Dianne Dugaw and I are creating an anthology which will include work from all former presenters, even from the time when RRRS was still LWRS (Lane Writers Reading Series) back in 2014 all the way through our final presentation in May 2023. Each Presenter, whether you’ve been showcased several times or only once, will have 2 pages in which to share whatever you choose to share, as well as your photograph and a short biography. We will also add a link (or links) to the YouTube video(s) of your presentation(s) which will be accessible on the Electronic version of our anthology. We are thinking to organize alphabetically, but that is not yet set in stone.

  So, the time has come for you to choose how to make use of your 2 pages, and send us up to 5 pieces of original work (that you hope will represent you well) for us to choose from, as well as a photograph you’d like to share and, a short bio.PLEASE HAVE YOUR SUBMISSION IN before APRIL 1, 2024

  It will probably take about a year, or maybe even more, for THE ANTHOLOGY to manifest, but we are hoping to receive a grant that will make it possible that every one of our previous presenters will receive one for free, and that sales of others will go back into the coffers of the Guild to be used toward other meaningful projects.

  With all best wishes, looking forward,

     P.S. Please let the subject of your submission be THE ANTHOLOGY

For detailed information on readings held before January 2016 as well as authors' videos, click on the "EARLIER READINGS" link. A flier will appear for each reading and as you scroll down, you'll find links to videos. Most of these videos were created by Howard Robertson. The October 2014 videos were created by Steven Blue. The November 2014 video by Joan Dobbie.